Members FAQ

Why does the RTBUWA require a personal email?


Because an employer owns the email systems used by their employees, they have the right to view those emails. Communications with the RTBUWA can be of a personal or sensitive nature so for your own privacy and confidentiality, we strongly recommend using a personal email account for correspondence.

If you do not have a personal email account, there are several free and paid services out there such as Gmail, Outlook, or usually you are provided one by your Internet Service Provider.

Where do I find my agreement on WAIRC or Fairwork?


You can find your agreement on the WAIRC website here.

You can find your agreement on the Fairwork website here.

Where do I find my Agreement?


You can see a complete list of EBAs here.

How can I join the Union?


You can Join the RTBUWA by registering your details on our signup form here.

What has the Union achieved for its members?


Here are just some of the achievements of the union movement: The Australian Trade Union History timeline and the Australian Trade Union Archives.