Your EBA

Most employees who are members of unions have most of their terms of employment set by an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

For those in the rail industry in WA the relevant EBA for each class of worker is given below.

*EA: Enterprise Agreement IA: Industrial agreement




CSA, PTA, Carpark Attendants, CMR Operators  

PTA Railway Employees (TTO) IA 2020

Maintainers Patrollers 

PTA Railway Employees (Network And Infrastructure) IA 2020

Transit Officers 

PTA (Transit Officers) IA 2020


PTA (TransWA) EA 2019

MSS Security 

MSS EA 2017 - 2022

Railcar Drivers, Trainers & Coordinators 

PTA (TTO) Railcar Drivers EA 2019

Delron Cleaning Pty Ltd  

(Prospector and Avon Link/Merredin On-Train Customer Service Officers) EA 2018

EDI Bombardier Transportation (maintenance) Pty Ltd 

EDI Rail Bombardier Transportation (Maintenance) EA 2016-2020