Journey Accident Insurance (Journey Cover)

Did you know that your membership with the RTBU gives you access to ‘Journey Accident Insurance’ or what is more commonly known as ‘Journey Cover’?

In Western Australia, Workers’ Compensation legislation doesn’t cover employees who are injured whilst travelling to or from work. The Journey Cover put in place by our Union addresses this gap – it provides benefits if employees get hurt while engaged in direct travel between their residence and place of employment. It includes both lump-sum benefits for more severe injuries or death, and weekly payable benefits (7-day ‘excess’, 100% of your income up to a max of $1,500 a week, for 2 years) where an injury has caused a temporary disablement.

Attached are two documents, one being the ‘Table of Benefits’ and the other being the ‘Policy Document’ itself.

If you find yourself in need to make a claim against the Journey policy, please contact the Union office and we will assist you, in conjunction with Bresland Insurance Group, in guiding you through your claim.

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