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Issues.jpgDuring 2014, the union had to deal with wide and varied issues in the workplace, from pay disputes to rostering issues, potential demarcation issues, various disciplinary issues and unfair dismissals.

We are constantly finding that many of these issues need legal involvement due to the changing environment of industrial relations.

The union and its members do not operate on a level playing field when it comes to disciplinary issues. PTA employees are constantly monitored by CCTV and the policies the PTA state are mandatory are, in our view, not supported by their actions in almost all cases when it is management versus employee.

Please be aware that you are constantly being monitored by CCTV in the workplace and you should endeavour to continue to perform your duties as you have been trained, with safety as the number one priority. 

The union recently raised the issue of the use of MSS staff as it is concerned that PTA managers and rostering staff are unaware that the MSS contract does not allow MSS staff to undertake any kind of customer service duties.

This is astonishing because managers responsible for rostering are unkowingly creating demarcation issues.

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