2020 Membership Form - PTA Branch

Click here to download the 2020 PTA Branch Membership Form and become a member of the mighty RTBU

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2020 PTA Branch Membership Booklet

Please click here to see the 2020 PTA Branch Membership Booklet

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A HUGE congratulations to RTBU members at Spotless - who are contracted through the WA Public Transport Authority to clean our railcars. They've won a pay rise after fighting to have their non-union, WorkChoices-era and below-award agreement terminated. 

In the words of one RTBU member: "We knew the only way we could make any changes was for us all to join the Union. We did and now the employer knows we're serious".

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PTA Branch - December 2019 - Membership Newsletter

Click here to read the December 2019 PTA Branch Membership Newsletter. 

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Journey Accident Insurance (Journey Cover)

Did you know that your membership with the RTBU gives you access to ‘Journey Accident Insurance’ or what is more commonly known as ‘Journey Cover’?

In Western Australia, Workers’ Compensation legislation doesn’t cover employees who are injured whilst travelling to or from work. The Journey Cover put in place by our Union addresses this gap – it provides benefits if employees get hurt while engaged in direct travel between their residence and place of employment. It includes both lump-sum benefits for more severe injuries or death, and weekly payable benefits (7-day ‘excess’, 100% of your income up to a max of $1,500 a week, for 2 years) where an injury has caused a temporary disablement.

Attached are two documents, one being the ‘Table of Benefits’ and the other being the ‘Policy Document’ itself.

If you find yourself in need to make a claim against the Journey policy, please contact the Union office and we will assist you, in conjunction with Bresland Insurance Group, in guiding you through your claim.

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PTA Branch - September 2019 - Membership Newsletter

Click here to read the September 2019 PTA Branch Membership Newsletter. 

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Members Discount 2019/2020 Entertainment Book

RTBU Member Benefit - save $15 off the 2019/2020 Entertainment Book

Right now, as an RTBU member when you purchase the Entertainment Book via the RTBUWA link below, you will save $15!!

To order your book, simply go online to: www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/88v985






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Perth Royal Show

RTBU Member Benefit - save 25% at the Perth Royal Show!

Right now, as an RTBU member when you purchase tickets to the Perth Royal Show you can save 25% on your tickets!!

Don’t queue at the gate, buy and save online now.

To order tickets, simply go online to: www.perthroyalshow.com.au/fundraiser and enter your unique online code (sent to your email address) to receive the offer!

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Fremantle Traffic Bridge Win!

The RTBU has had a major win in Western Australia, with the State Government committing to a dedicated rail freight pathway into the Port of Fremantle as part of the new Fremantle Traffic bridge project.

Click this link to read the story 


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WA Branch July Newsletter

Click here to read the July 2019 WA Branch Membership Newsletter.

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PTA Branch - July 2019 - Membership Newsletter

Click here to read the July 2019 PTA Branch Membership Newsletter. 

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Casual Vacancy Election WA Branch

There is a 'Casual Vacancy' election to be held for the WA Branch.

Nominations are therefore being called for:

Locomotive Division

- Branch Divisional Delegate to National Council (1)

Nominations, which must be in writing and comply with the registered rules of the Organisation, may be made at any time from 05/08/2019.

Nomination forms are attached here or are available on request by contacting Craig McKinley.

An election will only occur if there is more then one member who nominates for the vacant position.

For more information on the 'Casual Vacancy' election please click here

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