RTBU - PTA Branch

This union covers public sector members employed directly or indirectly by the PTA. Its sub branches are: 

Security Sub Branch: (Transit Officers)

This sub-branch covers:

  • Trainee Transit Officers (Trainee)
  • Transit Officer Level 1 (TO1)
  • Transit Officer Level 2 (TO2)
  • Transit Officer Level 3 (TO3)
  • Transit Officer Level 4 (TO4)
  • Transit Officer Level 5 (TO5)
  • Senior Transit Officer Level 1 (STO1)
  • Senior Transit Officer Level 2 (STO2)
  • Senior Transit Officer Level 3 (STO3)

Urban Rail Sub Branch

This sub branch covers:

  • Trainee Railcar Drivers
  • Railcar Drivers
  • Driver Trainers
  • Driver Coordinators

Customer Relations Sub Branch (Customer Service)

This sub branch covers:

  • Parking Attendants (PAs) Level 3
  • Passenger Ticketing Assistants (PTAs) Level 4
  • Customer Service Attendants (CSAs) Level 5
  • Central Monitoring Room Operators (CMR Operators) Level 6

TransWA Sub Branch

This sub branch covers:

  • Passenger Assistant Part-Time Level 3
  • Station Attendant Level 3
  • Road Coach Operations Assistant Level 5
  • Road Coach Technician Level 6
  • Senior Passenger Assistant Level 6
  • Road Coach Operator Part-Time Level 6
  • Road Coach Operator Level 6
  • Depot Supervisor Level 7
  • Railcar Drivers
  • Driver Trainers
  • Driver Coordinators
  • Road Coach Operators

Delron & Goldfields Buses Sub Branch

This sub branch covers:

  • Delron Staff Prospector/Avon Link Services
  • Customer Service Officer level 1
  • Customer Service Officer level 2
  • Customer Service Officer level 3
  • Senior Customer Service Officer level 4

Goldfields Buses: Not Applicable

Network & Infrastructure Sub Branch

This sub branch covers:

  • Catenary Maintainer Trainee Level 1 – 3A
  • Nominated Catenary Maintainer Level 4
  • Catenary Maintainer Level 5
  • Senior Signal Maintainer Level 5
  • Reserve Maintainer level 5
  • Advanced Catenary Maintainer level 6
  • Perway Patrollers Level 7

MSS Security Sub Branch

This sub branch covers:

  • Revenue Protection Officers
  • Aboriginal Liaison Officers

Officers of the RTBU – PTA Branch:

President: John Olding

Vice-President: Peter Olynyk

Secretary: Joshua Dekuyer

All day-to-day matters are handled by the Secretary, Joshua Dekuyer.



RTBU, PTA Branch Rules can be found here.

ARTBIU, WA Branch State Union Rules can be found here.

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