RTBU - WA Branch

RTBU West Australian Branch – private sector employers whose employees do NOT work for the PTA, eg Aurizon, John Holland, Pacific National.

The WA Branch is structured into: 

  • Intrastate – employers who predominately operate within the boundary of Western Australia
  • Interstate – employers who operate services across numerous state borders
  • Infrastructure – employers who provide network access, maintenance and construction of the rail corridor.

Each of these are divided in to subsections, based on employer, geographic and logistic basis. Each subsection has the opportunity to have a representative on the Branch Council – the governing body of the organisation.

Officers of the RTBU WA Branch: 

President: Graeme Filcock

Secretary: Craig Mckinley

Vice-President: Steve Young

All day-to-day matters are handled by Secretary Craig Mckinley.

WA Branch Rules

You can find the branch rules here.

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