For the Workers


The Morrison Government wants to rush through laws to cut your rights at work. These laws will hurt all workers, including the working people who have got our country through the pandemic. We must not forget the debt owed to the essential workers of our country. The working people of Australia do not deserve cuts to wages and workplace rights.

Working people sacrificed so much in 2020:

  • Millions lost their jobs
  • Millions lost hours and had their income slashed
  • Many have exhausted all their paid leave
  • 3.3 million people needed to raid their super

We do not deserve cuts to our pay and rights in 2021.

Meanwhile, even during a pandemic, big business profits continue to rise, executives keep paying themselves big bonuses, the jobs that have come back are casual and wage growth is near an all-time low.

Instead of supporting the workers of Australia, the Government wants new laws that will hurt us.

Hurting workers will hurt our economic recovery. Less money and confidence for working people is less money and confidence for local businesses.

Click here for more information and to know how you can do your part.

In Unity,

Joshua Dekuyer

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