Here you can find information on how to update your existing membership information, as well as links and information on some of the benefits available to all members, outside of industrial services and advocacy.

The Union strives to assist members outside just their “time of need” and hopes that some of our affiliate benefits can be of value.

For detailed membership information on the two main Branches of the RTBU, operating in WA, click through on the right

Your Membership

Update Your Details

If you are an existing member of the RTBU WA Branch or RTBU WA PTA Branch, you must ensure your details are kept up to date so that the Officials and Office Staff can contact you to keep you informed or assist you as required.

If you need to change your direct debit account information, please download this form, complete it and submit it to

If you need to update more information, including your address or contact information, please fill out a membership form for your relevant branch (available at Join RTBU WA or Join RTBU PTA).

Membership Benefits

The Union provides a number of services directly to its members, particularly in the area of industrial representation and advice. As referenced on the Links page we also have formed relationships with law firms and other entities to whom we can refer you as a member of the RTBU to be ensured you are treated well and (usually) at a discounted rate. We can arrange for you:

  • Free legal assistance with a Standard Will and discount referral for a Complex Will
  • Free initial advice on any legal matter and a preferential rate for follow-up services.
  • Coordinated service with Fresh Start Injury Management and Counselling for the handling of Workers’ Compensation matters.

As a member of the RTBU WA or WA PTA Branches, you are also covered under our Journey Accident Insurance policy. In Western Australia, Workers’ Compensation insurance doesn’t cover employees who are injured whilst travelling to or from work.

The Journey Cover put in place by RTBU addresses this gap – it provides benefits if employees get hurt while engaged in direct travel between their residence and place of employment.

If you find yourself in need to make a claim against the Journey policy, please contact the Union office and we will assist you, in conjunction with Bresland Insurance Group, in guiding you through your claim.

In other day-to-day services that you can access we also maintain a subscription for all members to ShopRite, alongside the suite of benefits offered to you by the ACTU as an affiliated Union member.


ShopRite is an exclusive discount buying service available only to members of subscribed organisations. As ShopRite put it “Whether it’s through our appliance, home and technology service, our Motor Vehicle Buying Service, our trader network, or other numerous money saving benefits, we will try and SAVE members wherever possible!”

(Editor’s note: as an RTBU member myself, I requested ShopRite to find me a deal on a $250RRP coffee grinder. Not only did they come back with a deal on an upgraded model, but they found it for $150! Plus they beat the best deal I could find on a Bosch washing-machine by another 15%.)


As an RTBU Member, you can access a great range of Member Benefits the Australian Unions Member Benefits website. Through partnership with Member Advantage the ACTU offers union members an exciting range of benefits and savings on hundreds of everyday expenses, including:

  • Movie vouchers
  • Attractions and theme parks
  • Shopping through major retailers
  • Car Hire
  • Accommodation and travel
  • Banking

Check out all the great benefits by clicking on the image above or register for access here.

For further information on membership benefits of the WA and WA PTA Branches, please refer to the Member Information Booklets available on their “Join” pages alongside the membership forms.

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