As a democratically elected body representing the interests of its members, the Union puts into practice governance procedures dictated by legislation, the Rules and identified best practices. This includes reporting duties, specification of Rules and electoral procedures, as collected on this page.

At the RTBU, we are proud to be open and accountable to our Members as we are all the Union together, not just our officials.



Unions are required to conduct regulated and transparent audits and reporting.

Here we have provided access to financial reports and other documents regarding the running and budgeting of the RTBU Branches operating in Western Australia.

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Rules & Policies

The RTBUWA is governed according to its Rules. A Union’s Rules are essentially its Constitution and preserve the processes that ensure it operates democratically and for its intended purpose – the interests of the members. This includes specifying the manner and terms of election for all offices in the Union.

Alongside the Rules, the Union implements appropriate policies to improve practices and ensure consistent operation.

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