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As a member of the RTBU in Western Australia, you join a collective of people in your industry dedicated to serving the common interests of the group. We aim to bring together the diverse characters of the rail and public transport industries to realise the “Power of Union”.

We would be excited to welcome you to your Union. If you have any difficulty with the process of joining, please Contact Us.

Join Your Branch

In Western Australia, the RTBU maintains two separate Branches of the National Union – the “WA Branch” and the “WA PTA Branch”.

If you work on or in connection with the Public Transport Authority’s activities, you are eligible for membership in the WA PTA Branch. WA PTA Branch members are also included in “The Australian Rail, Tram And Bus Industry Union Of Employees, West Australian Branch”, otherwise known as “the State Branch”.

If you work in connection with any other rail or public transport operations, ordinarily working from a location with Western Australia, you may be eligible for membership in the WA Branch.

Why join your Union?

Joining your union is the best way to secure a better life – at work and at home.

Unions are all about workers standing up for ourselves and our workmates. Together we’ve won important rights – like sick pay, annual leave, penalty rates and reasonable work hours.

We just want fair wages, and enough time to spend away from work with our family and friends. We want certainty of hours, and security to plan for the future.

It’s not a lot to ask. By joining, you’ll help secure a better life for you and those who have yet to come.

You’ll also gain access to protection at work, better wages and other great member-only benefits.

Union fees are 100% tax deductible, which means you can reduce how much you pay in tax if you’re a union member. Because fees are tax deductible and you’ll get great member benefits, being a union member can actually save you money.

Being a member means standing alongside 1.8 million other working people who are fighting for a better life every day. If you want a fairer Australia, joining your union is the best way you can make a difference.

Joining is the right thing to do for the next generation of workers.

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