RTBU Passenger Section

The Passenger Section of RTBU Western Australia is the Section that represents members who work entirely or predominately in or in connection with passenger transport. This includes those employed in or in connection with the activities of the Public Transport Authority of WA and can include private sector workers when their work is tied to the Public Transport Authority. The WA Branch is always keen to engage with and advance the interests of its membership.

For further detail on the Western Australia Branch and its workings, please refer to the Rules as available here.

Agreements and details on representatives are found here.


All members of the Passenger Section are allocated to a relevant sub-branch. The current sub-branches and their primary area of coverage are listed below:

Public Transport Authority (TTO) Security Staff including:

  • Transit Officer Trainees
  • Transit Officers (TO Level 1-5)
  • Senior Transit Officers (STO Level 1-3)

Public Transport Authority (TTO) Staff including:

  • Railcar Driver Trainees
  • Railcar Drivers
  • Driver Trainers
  • Driver Coordinators

EDI Bombardier Staff including:

  • Rollingstock Support
  • Rollingstock Maintainers

Public Transport Authority (TTO) Customer Service Staff including:

  • Parking Attendants
  • Passenger Ticketing Assistants
  • Customer Service Assistants
  • Central Monitoring Room Operators

Public Transport Authority (TransWA) Staff including:

  • Station Attendant
  • Passenger Assistant
  • Senior Passenger Assistant
  • Road Coach Operator
  • Railcar Drivers
  • Driver Trainers
  • Driver Coordinators

Public Transport Authority (N&I) Staff including:

  • Trainees
  • Linespersons
  • Senior Linespersons
  • Advanced Linespersons
  • Signal Maintainers
  • Senior Signal Maintainers
  • Perway Patrollers
  • Rail Safety Officers
  • Authorised Persons

RMC Rail, Railtrain, Allworks and other N&I private sector Staff including:

  • Rail Protection Officers

Wilson Security employees including:

  • Transperth Security Officers

MSS Security employees including:

  • Revenue Protection Officers
  • Aboriginal Liaison Officers

Cleaning Staff including:

  • “Spotless” Railcar, Bus & Station Detailers
  • “ICS” Railcar, Bus & Station Detailers

RTBUWA employees including:

  • Industrial Organisers
  • Industrial Advocates

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