Bushfire Crisis


The ‘Wooroloo’ bushfire crisis is affecting an unprecedented number of people, striking at the hearts of those witnessing it, both at home and abroad.

Unfortunately, many RTBU members are directly affected by the tragedy that is unfolding.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in fighting and affected by this devastating bushfire, including our comrades from WA’s United Professional Firefighter’s Union.

If you wish to help those affected, including firefighters, evacuees and animals, Emergency WA has a list of the best ways to make donations, with links and ways to vet your chosen charity to make sure it is genuine.

Further to, after discussions with PSLR, our Union and the PTA, an agreement has was reached that public sector employees, affected by the bushfires, and who have or are required to take time off from work during this “lockdown period” will be covered by Circular 2/2021. You are not required to access any form of leave, including COVID-19 leave, to cover your absence and you will be paid the amount you would otherwise have been entitled to be paid (including allowances and penalties) if not for being absent.

Again, this kind of protection of your income and allowances being made for exceptional circumstances affecting the community is not a given anywhere in the world so I ask that to preserve these achievements in the future that you stay safe, support each other, and keep proudly representing our great public transport industry in whatever way you can.

In Unity,

Joshua Dekuyer

RTBU PTA Branch Secretary

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