Amalgamation of the WA Branches


On the 27th of January 2021, our National Office, headed by National Secretary Mark Diamond, lodged a ‘Notice of rule change‘ to the Fair Work Commission.

The effect of the rule change is to progress the long-anticipated amalgamation of the West Australian Branch (Freight) and the West Australian PTA Branch (Passenger) in order to form the Western Australian Branch. Historically, the two branches were combined, however, due to political issues years ago, they were separated with the intention that the dual branch structure would only be temporary.

Once the rule change is ratified by the Fair Work Commission, there will be a transitional period with a transitional structure intended to enable the merger of the West Australian Branch (Freight) and the West Australian PTA Branch (Passenger) to operate as one entity without any major changes to those who currently hold office. Then, at the quadrennial elections in September 2022, on the declaration of the ballot for officers of the merged Branch, the transitional period will come to an end and the merger finalised in full.

This is something I, as Branch Secretary of the WA PTA Branch, look forward to. It is something that will come with its challenges, but I am sure that it is something that will benefit all members of our State, whether ‘Freight’ or ‘Passenger’.

For more information, please click here or contact the RTBU office.

In Unity,

Joshua Dekuyer

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