Stop the Scourge


Dear Members,

The ETU is calling a Rally at Midday Thursday 3rd June 2021 on the steps of Parliament House in protest of the scourge of insecure work:

  • Contracting
  • Labour-Hire
  • Outsourcing

ETU Members working for Western Power are currently in dispute over this issue of their work being outsourced to contractors; a blatant cost-saving exercise for a state-owned entity.

The ALP State Government could help not only ETU members, but use their control of both houses of parliament to enact laws that make it much better for all workers across WA.

We urge all members to attend and ask that you pass this invitation along to your colleagues. We would also appreciate it if you could share on your social media pages.

Join us and the ETU in protest and fight for workers rights in the richest state in Australia.

We need your attendance, whatever we can do to swell the numbers, to help us send a message to the State Government that they need to do more to end the scourge of insecure work.

In Unity,

Joshua Dekuyer | WA PTA Secretary

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