Election Notice


Dear Members,

Under the RTBU rules, nationally, there is a requirement for another election (Casual Vacancy and Insufficient Nominations Election) to be held for those positions not filled at the General Election, nor the previously held Insufficient Nominations Election back in 2023.

  • WA nominations will open Monday, 19th of February 2024.
  • Nominations will close Monday, 11th of March 2024.

Please click here to view the attached Election Notice from the AEC, which provides further details on the upcoming election, and the vacant positions available to be filled.

If you’re interested in nominating to fill a vacant position and becoming a workplace delegate but are unsure of what Sub-Branch you fall under, you can contact us at the Union Office for guidance.

  • Ph: 08 9225 6722
  • Email:

Additional details on the election will be provided closer to nominations opening, including the provision of the nomination form.

Please note, in addition to the above, the position of Branch Vice President (Freight) recently became vacant, but due to timing, filling the vacancy won’t make up a part of this election process, but rather will be filled via appointment allowed through the Casual Vacancy rules of our Union.

If you have any interest in filling this position (which makes up part of the Union’s Executive), please advise your Branch Secretary, Joshua Dekuyer by the 19th of February 2024.

In Unity,

Joshua Dekuyer | RTBU WA Branch Secretary

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