Join the RTBUWA

As a member of the RTBU, you are rewarded with many benefits which include:

Join the RTBUWA WA Branch

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  • Advice and information on Awards, pay rates and conditions of employment
  • Acting as an agent in the registration of industrial workplace agreement
  • Advice on industrial matters, eg disciplinary matters, fatigue, OHS, etc.

Training Courses

  • A wide range of skill-based and negotiation courses provided to local delegates to help them in the workplace
  • Submissions on behalf of members to relevant industry-based forums, eg Federal and State government committees
  • Appearances before courts protecting and fighting for our members’ entitlements and rights.

Legal Advice

  • Initial advice on legal matters, eg, workers compensation entitlements
  • Priority access to our preferred legal firm, via the union office, for all legal matters, including wills, family, accident, criminal, etc.


Other Benefits

  • Shoprite - an agency set up to save money for union members.
  • RT Health
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Union Card & Diary - issued before each new year
  • Union Dues are tax deductible

Join the RTBUWA WA Branch

Join the RTBUWA PTA Branch