Industrial relations can be a complicated matter, with a variety of stakeholders and entities involved or related to the system. Your Union is your first stop for help and information, but it is good to know where else you can look.

We have provided some useful links for our Members to find information and connect with other Union Branches or services.

RTBU Network

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union is a federated national union, with a central National Office and Branches in States and Territories. Reach out to your comrades in your national industry union.

RTBU National Office


RTBU Victoria Branch

RTBU Queensland Branch

RTBU South Australia and Northern Territory Branch

RTBU Tasmania Branch

RTBU Related Services

The RTBU has relationships with some other service providers that may be helpful to Members – some, like ShopRite, are membership required businesses, where some are simply “Union friendly” organisations.

SHOPRITE – Member Benefits service

RT Healthfund – Industry Health Insurance with RTBU discount

All Risk Protection – Sickness & Accident Fund servicing the RTBU

me bank (Members Equity Bank)

Australian Super

Union Network

The RTBU is affiliated with other Union bodies in support of the Union Movement for worker’s rights. Members can be proud to be part of something bigger that is working for the better. Encourage friends and family to join their Union and tell them “the RTBU sent them”!


Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)

ACTU National Union Directory

Legal Assistance

The RTBU has built relationships with some providers of legal advice, to allow Members to receive advice they can trust and the best value that we can obtain. We are happy to connect you with them, so just contact us if you wish to be referred as a Member.

Fogliani.Lawyer – Employment Law

Nicholas Legal – Employment Law

KRS Workplace Law – Employment Law

Turner Freeman Lawyers – Worker’s Compensation & Personal Injury

Tehan Legal – Criminal Law

West Family Lawyers – Family Law

culshaw miller lawyers – Family Law

WA Government

PTA Branch Members, in particular, often fall under the State Industrial Relations system, governed by West Australian legislation. These links lead to some useful related pages.

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Key features of the WA Industrial Relations System

Public Sector Commission

WorkSafe WA

WorkCover WA (Worker’s Compensation)

Department of Transport WA

Federal Government

WA Branch Members, and some PTA Branch Members, fall under the Federal Industrial Relations system, governed by Federal legislation. These links lead to some useful related pages.

Fair Work Commission

Fair Work Ombudsman

ComCare (Worker’s Compensation and Safety)

Centrelink (Services Australia)

Government of Australia Directory