WA PTA Branch

As a member of the WA PTA Branch, you are allocated to a sub-branch under the RTBU Rules and in accordance with your job role. Here you can find some information on your relevant Agreements, Awards, and representation.

WA PTA Branch

As a member of any of the sub-branches below, your Union Office contact points are the following people:
• Joshua Dekuyer – PTA WA Branch Secretary
• George Johnston – RTBUWA Industrial Organiser
Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page. You can also direct general enquiries via general@rtbuwa.asn.au.

In the below menus, you will find sub-branch specific lists of relevant Agreements, Awards, and workplace representatives. If you are unable to contact a representative in your workplace, please contact us to put you in touch.

  • Public Transport Authority/ARTBIU (Transit Officers) Industril Agreement 2020
  • Railway Employees’ Award No. 18 of 1969

Your workplace delegates are:

  • Piers McCarney – President
  • Michael Ioppolo – Vice-President
  • James Reed – Secretary
  • Mark Byrne – Committee Member
  • Danny Delanty – Committee Member

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